Videowatch™ Alarm Verification Systems

Some of the most exciting technologies available today arise from the creative integration of other associated technologies.  Nowhere is this more true, than with our VideoWatch™ Alarm Verification Systems. 

These devices integrate Passive Infrared Motion Sensing, Night Vision Video Cameras and GPRS Cellular Technology to provide a rich new dimension of security.  Whenever motion is detected by the Passive Infrared Sensors, a 10-second video clip is taken of whatever activity caused the alarm.  This is seamlessly relayed to a Control Panel, which in turn transmits the video via the cellular network to our Central Monitoring Station.  Our highly trained Central Station Operators can then verify if the alarm is a genuine intrusion requiring an immediate response, or a false alarm caused by a non-threatening occurrence.

Another key feature of these Alarm Video Verification Systems is that they are completely wireless and fully battery powered.  This makes installation and re-installation relatively easy and feasible in areas where AC power may not be available, nor practical.  Furthermore, the devices are weatherproof and are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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