Checkpoint™ Electronic Article Surveillance Systems

KingAlarm Systems has partnered with Checkpoint™, the global leader in Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems to provide an affordable solution to help Jamaican storeowners reduce losses from shoplifting.  Retail businesses now have access to a technologically advanced tool to improve their profitability in these challenging times.

EAS systems are as simple as they are effective.  Each system consists of sensing Pedestals, Radio Frequency Tags and Deactivators.  Merchandise to be protected (this can be anything from food items to DVDs to clothing) is tagged with any of a variety of optional security labels ranging from adhesive single use labels to re-usable hard plastic tamper-proof tags.  Legitimate purchases have the tags either deactivated or removed by the cashier, allowing them to leave the store without incident.

Once an attempt is made to remove a tagged item from the store, without purchasing and hence de-activating the tag, the sensor Pedestals at the entries/exits to the store will detect the item and sound an audible alarm.  These systems are so effective that the very presence of the Pedestals often deters would-be thieves from even making the attempt.

Checkpoint™ EAS systems use radio frequency which, unlike other EAS technologies, is completely safe and will not affect pace-makers, deactivate credit cards or similar problems.  This technology is also less prone to embarrassing false alarms.  There is even the exciting optional Checklink software package that can interface with the EAS system to analyse the frequency and timing of alarms thereby providing an invaluable Management Information Tool.  For additional information on the Checkpoint™ EAS solutions, contact a member of our Team at or click here to request a free survey, and take a big step towards reaping bigger profits!