Automatic Gate Openers

KingAlarm is proud to distribute BFT Gate Automation Systems.  BFT, an Italian company, is widely recognized as the worldwide Leader in Gate Automation products.

BFT has a wide array of Gate Automation Products to fit just about any application.  From standard single family residential applications, to large Commercial, Industrial or Townhouse/Apartment applications, BFT and KingAlarm will provide you with the perfect solution!

BFT has a complete line of Battery Back-Up Gate Openers which will function normally for a specified period of time during a power outage.  (All back-up batteries are fully rechargeable and are designed to return to full strength once power has been restored).

As both safety and security are the hallmark of any BFT Gate Opener, same are equipped with the following features:-

  • Automatic Close Feature:- All Operators can be programmed to close back automatically after a set period of time to ensure that the gates cannot be accidentally left open once a vehicle has either entered or exited the premises.
  • Anti-Squash Safety Feature:- If a gate were to hit an object in its path, all BFT Operators are designed to automatically stop, or to reduce operating pressure, thereby preventing damage or injury.
  • Safety Photocells (Optional):- These Photocells ensure that the gates cannot hit a vehicle if the vehicle were in the closing path of the gate.
  • Flashing Safety lights (Optional):- When installed, this light alerts all parties in close proximity to the gate that same is about to open or close.

Did you know that, in Jamaica, approximately 70% of all residential robberies take place when occupants are outside of their vehicle either opening or closing their gates? Protect yourselves by installing a BFT Automatic Gate Opener from KingAlarm! 

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