Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems

Did you know that upwards of four (4) motor vehicles are stolen across Jamaica every day? 
Statistics show that very few of these are recovered ..........
Unless they have a Kingtracker Stolen Vehicle Recovery System installed!

Kingtracker utilizes state-of-the-art Vehicle Tracking Technology alongside the most detailed digitized road maps of the Island allowing our Central Station Operators to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle, in real time, anywhere in Jamaica.

Having located your vehicle, our Armed Response Teams would immediately coordinate with Police personnel to ensure that your vehicle was recovered in the shortest time possible.

Kingtracker Systems also come with a Panic Button discreetly mounted in the vehicle, which can be activated in the event of a carjacking or other emergency situation, at which point our Central Station Operators would ensure that help was on the way!

Other available features include a Vehicle Immobilizer allowing us to remote shut down your vehicle in an extreme situation warranting such action, and/or wireless Panic Buttons which can be used to alert us to a distress situation if it occurs outside of your vehicle.

With a Kingtracker System installed, you will receive up to 15% off your Comprehensive Insurance premiums from Jamaica's leading Insurance companies.  It's comprehensive security, coupled with comprehensive savings!

Don't become a victim of car theft.  Install a Kingtracker Stolen Vehicle Recovery System and protect yourself, your family and your car.  For more information, contact a member of our Sales Team at