Fleet Management Systems

KingAlarm has partnered with Digicel to provide what is, by far, the most advanced Fleet Management System available in Jamaica allowing you to not only view the current location of your vehicle fleet, but also to view historical data.

The implementation of such a system will no doubt optimize your company's fleet operation ultimately resulting in reduced overhead costs and increased profitability.

Our system will allow you to:-

  1. Monitor the driving habits of employees thereby decreasing fuel and maintenance costs.
  2. Schedule maintenance visits automatically once a vehicle has traveled a specific distance.
  3. Eliminate employee moonlighting and control overtime direct and indirect expenses.
  4. Provide immediate driver distress capability (if optional security package is accepted).
  5. Facilitate rapid recovery of your vehicle in the event of theft with Stolen Vehicle Recovery capabilities (if optional security package is accepted).
  6. Monitor critical parameters to your company such as speed, starts/stops and geo-fencing while allowing you the option of receiving automated email alerts or text messages in the event of breaches or pre-set violations.