Vehicle Tracking - Solution

Tracking your vehicles means you can communicate with clients with precision.  You'll know precisely where your drivers are - so you dispatch the closest vehicle and predict arrivals with accuracy.  Implementing our Fleet Management solution takes just a phone call.  Then viewing an entire fleet at once becomes a total turnkey solution.

Who Needs It?

Absolutely any company with vehicles on the road will benefit from having all of the information that's available. These vehicles and their drivers are representations of your company and the services you guarantee, so shouldn't you know where they are and be able to anticipate any impediments to delivery? You'll serve more customers in less time and utilize fewer resources to achieve more work.

How It Works

The partnership between KingAlarm and Digicel for the purposes of Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Systems combines the most advanced technological platform with proven Management expertise. With zero software installation in your office or production-halting maintenance, you can start using our Fleet Management solution - you'll just connect to the Internet and get moving. Each of your vehicle units will receive GPS signals that calculate exact locations. In addition to location, you'll know speed, operating times and lots of other factors that affect performance.


  • Accurate arrival time predictions.
  • Faster pick-ups and deliveries by dispatching nearest vehicles.
  • Reduction of operator tardiness.
  • Resolution of billing disputes.
  • Lost Driver assistance.
  • Elimination of employee downtime.
  • Dispatching at a glance.
  • Efficient scheduling.
  • Savings on gas and other resources.
  • Minimization of unauthorized vehicle use.

If you want to manage your fleet more efficiently regardless of if you have two (2) or two hundred (200) vehicles, contact our Sales Team today at