Fire/Smoke Detection Systems

Unfortunately fire is a disaster that could not only cost you financially, but could endanger the lives of both yourself and your loved ones.

Whether it be at your home or business place, KingAlarm's Team of Security Professionals will custom design a Fire/Smoke Detection System that will be both affordable and effective.

When a fire is detected either automatically by Smoke Detectors and/or Heat Sensors, or by manual activation, audible Sirens will be activated at your premises while a Fire Alarm is simultaneously sent to our Central Monitoring Centre.

Upon receipt of such an Alarm signal, the Fire Brigade would immediately be dispatched to your premises, along with a number of our Armed Response Teams, to assist in whatever way possible.

As with all of our monitored Alarm Systems, signal transmission from your premises to our Central Monitoring Centre would be independent of telephone and power thereby ensuring full functionality even during a standard power outage, or if your telephone lines were down.

The question is not whether you can afford such protection, but whether you can afford not to protect yourself against this threat?

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